Why Hinman

We will give you the peace of mind to focus on your business.

I don’t feel like we are ever taken for granted as a client. We are very clearly valued and the Hinman team is always asking how they can serve us better.

– Regional Sales Director, Paycor, Grand Rapids

Our team makes every decision with your business in mind

Meet the team

Our goal is to better understand and meet your needs. We have intentionally organized our business to accomplish this and are motivated to prove our commitment, both short- and long-term.



We have an unwavering commitment to practicing great business ethics and take accountability for our actions.  Our standards are high.


We do what we say we are going to do.  We honor our commitments and follow through on our promises. This is shown in our proven track record of making things better over the last 40 years.


We can be counted on to respond quickly and react appropriately to all situations/opportunities that arise.

Customer Focus

We care about what you care about.


Our holistic approach of providing all critical and supporting functions for our clients’ needs produces better results, saves time and money, and delivers exactly what our clients need.  We’ve developed a chain of accountability that leads directly back to us, giving you a clear path for solving challenges and meeting your needs.  You are much more than a transaction; you are the focus of everything we do.

We have been continually impressed with the efficiency and professionalism of the Hinman Company.  Their property management team is phenomenal!  Every service request is handled quickly, and with precision. They’ve shown, time and again, that our satisfaction is their priority. We’ve been with Hinman for five years now, and look forward to many more.

– Linda Averill, First American Title, Grand Rapids


We offer top-level expertise in property management, leasing, design, construction management, and facilities management.  Many of our team members have undergone rigorous testing to achieve highly respected professional certifications held by only the finest in their fields, and we are eager to put this knowledge to work to benefit you.

Full Service

We’ve aligned our in-house design, space planning, construction management, property management, facilities, and leasing teams to work together seamlessly, helping you get to your desired goal effectively and efficiently.

Attention to Details

Our new developments look better, function better, last longer, and are more cost-efficient because we’re committed to investing for the long term and making decisions with the end use in mind.

Aurora Diagnostics has worked with Hinman for several years. Every instance that we have had with Hinman has always been professional and caring. They respond in a timely manner to any and all issues that arise. They communicate to us as tenants very effectively. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a quality landlord and property management company.

– Mark Tanis, General Manager, Aurora Diagnostics, Grand Rapids


We maintain ongoing communication to ensure your satisfaction and respond to your changing needs with appropriate adjustments. Our success is defined by your confirmation that we met or surpassed your expectations, you are eager to continue our relationship, and you refer us to your peers.  Your long-term satisfaction, trust, and confidence is our ultimate goal.


Incorporating sustainable practices allows us to maintain healthy environments that lead to more productive lives.  We believe this approach is responsible, and we embrace our role as a steward of the environment for future generations.

Nimble Approach

Our internal procedures and approval processes allow us to move quickly when we need to and when expediency matters most.

Hinman Company Culture and Core Values

  • We are trustworthy, respectful, and honest.
  • We are a team of smart, resourceful, hardworking, action-oriented people thinking creatively and outside the box.
  • We have a hunger for achievement, a sense of urgency, and a will to win.
  • We take ownership in our efforts and strive to create value in everything we do.
  • The foundation of our business is to meet the needs of our clients.