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A Checklist for an Office Relocation in West Michigan

Moving your company’s office to another building can sometimes be a daunting task. Below is a short checklist to ensure that your move is worry-free.

  1. Choose a moving company that has experience with commercial moves. Be sure that they provide you with an insurance certificate and a list of references with that had comparable-sized moves to yours.
  2. Coordinate with your property manager on a few of the best day(s) to move. Before committing to a date, do some research on the events or road construction happening in the area on those day(s). Make sure that none of the events, such as festivals or parades, will block traffic or prevent clear access to both the old and new building.
  3. Communicate your official moving day with the landlords/property managers of both your current and new buildings. Also be sure to give them the name, contact information, and a copy of the insurance of the moving company that you are using.
  4. Give each employee a clearly labeled floor plan of the new space to ensure that everyone knows where their new desk/office will be.
  5. When packing, label boxes clearly with item descriptions and the room they will end up in.
  6. Give movers a clearly labeled floor plan to make sure that they put items in the appropriate place, which will make unpacking smoother and more organized.
  7. Provide new property manager/landlord with the name, phone number, and email address of your office’s first point of contact, back-up point of contact, and emergency contact. If your office will have a key card reader, also provide a list of all employees requiring access to the suite. In turn, ask for the contact information of the property manager/landlord, and a number to call in case of emergency. Arrange a time to meet with the property manager/landlord to pick up the keys to the space.
  8. Communicate with service providers about your move and transferring the service to your new office. This includes internet, cable, phone, and fiber providers.
  9. Update your address information on your website, Google maps, the Yellow Pages, and with the post office.
  10. Consider sending a “We’re moving!” email to all vendors and clients before your move, and a “We have moved!” reminder email once you have settled in.

At the Hinman Company, we pride ourselves in our efficient tenant move-in process. Our experienced property management team will communicate with you before, during, and after the move to answer any questions or concerns that arise.

Founded in 1977,  the Hinman Company owns and manages a diverse portfolio of office, retail, and residential properties.

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